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Hi Koodo I have been noticing that Koodo and the other carriers in Canada limits them self to mainly Samsung, LG and Apple. Will it actually be possible for Koodo to start bringing in some other phones from around the world and not live in a world that just have 3 phones (considering all phones from one carriers are the same just w/ different guts). There are a lot of medium/large brands outside of Canada. but in Canada we never get to see. Like Oppo, OnePlus, Lenovo and many many more. Where ever we go it is mainly the same manufacturers over and over again. The cost of those brands are not ridiculous so even for having a lower amount of stock and higher amount of selection would be great. Please Consider

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I think those are the phones people buy at the moment. Sure there are million other kinds, but having them just sit on the shelves for any company likely doesn't make sense. That said anyone wanting to buy a different phone that they carry can and they will even reward you for it.:-) you bring your own phone and they will give you 10% off the plan of your choice.