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Travelling in India

I have an unlocked Blackberry Curve and would like to use it while travelling in India. Any tips on how I can set this up when I arrive?

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If you have problems using their network with their SIM though it would likely be due to the carriers' setup there so you'd need to go to one of their stores to get the proper setup. You shouldn't have problems, hopefully. Only thing is you might need to tell them it's for a BlackBerry since they might have BlackBerry-specific plans like carriers here do. Enjoy your trip!
thanks John....
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Make sure you get a sim card once you land at the airport. Indian laws do not allow foreigners to purchase sims except at the airport. Also, each state has their own providers, so if you plan on going state-to-state, chances are you will be roaming and need to reload your balance at the home state.
thanks.... I've used a cell phone that I bought locally (in India) while travelling in India before, and got a sim card in each state with no problem. But on my next trip, I want to take and use my Blackberry there, and get a data plan. But I read somewhere that non-local Blackberries have some sort of problems with Indian providers....
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I've used a Telus BlackBerry in India before. It works--provided its unlocked--but reception was mostly unusable. I had 2 sims and 2 phones with me at the time, one with a blackberry, one with a regular flip phone (both were on the same Indian Airtel network). BBM would pretty much always work, but to make or receive a call, I had to use a flip. I did have voice, text, internet and blackberry plan on the blackberry phone, and just voice and text on the flip, and did try to swap the cards, it seemed that the blackberry couldn't pick up a signal. Oddly as it is, and take it for what it's worth, blackberry style nokia phones are very popular in india, and even the business people there prefer the nokias over blackberry. Keep in mind this was Feb of last year, so all this info is that old.
GR - this is similar to something I heard about Blackberrys in India, and you've just confirmed it. I'm heading back there in February - wonder where I can find out whether the problem has been solved? Actually, I don't know exactly what the problem is....
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Blackberrys are notorious for having week internal antennas, and India infamous for illegal buildings (people putting up additions whenever and wherever they want), and a nation of high cellular usage, which makes for a bad combination--buildings block signals, the more people are using a tower, the shorter the range, etc. Nokias and Motorolas are the mobile phones of choice in India, due to stronger antenna, and because much of the population is too poor and illiterate to make use of smart phones like Samsungs & Apples. If you are interested in cellular technology and its impact on India, there's a book out called "The Great Indian Phone Book: How the Cheap Cell Phone Changes Business, Politics, and Daily Life" by Doron, Assa and Robbin Jeffrey; makes for an interesting read while on your 18hr+ flight on the way to India.
ah yes, this fits with my understanding of India. So not sure a great idea to take my Blackberry then..... rather, just use a Nokia.... thanks, the book sounds really good too.