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Trading in my phone.

  • 12 December 2012
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I'm thinking about switching my phone, problem is i don't know if i can. If i were to find a new phone of the same value, keep the same plan, and the same tab, could I?

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6 replies

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Yes you can keep it all the same on a new phone...but Koodo doesn't do "trades". Also, if you change phones some Add-ons might need to change also like if you had BB-specific Add-ons they'd no longer apply if you get a non-BB device. To further assist you, what's your current device & the one you'd like to get?
Like Johh said, you can't do trades. You could either buy a new phone outright and keep the same tab, or use the tab you have available towards the new phone and pay whatever is left owing.
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You can trade the phone for a different one if you are within the 14 day return/exchange period. The day you got the phone counts as day 1 remember. - KID ANDROID, ( Team.Android.Canada)
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You can "TRADE IN" your phone for a certain amount of tab credits then use that to help purchase your next one.
If you want an example this is what I did two weeks ago - decided to "trade in" my Galaxy Ace (which was only 4 months old and I had -$130 on my tab). The kiosk did whatever it is they do to figure out the "worth" of my 4 mo old phone - apparently it was worth $40. I pretty much paid off my $130 on the Ace and then used the $40 towards getting the new phone (Galaxy Ace 2 which is $50 down and $150 on the tab). All in all - I paid $160 plus taxes to do "trade in" to get another phone on the tab - which is also b/c i bought a gel case for it and screen covers at the same time. Your phone may or may not have any worth depending on how long you've had it.
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If you want an example this is what I did two weeks ago - decided to "trade in" my Galaxy Ace...Ya we get that but they were talking about finding a phone that costs the same as their trade in value which there are no phones that are like $20-$80 which sounds like about what they'll give you. I do get what your saying though and in that instance yes you can get a trade in value but it will never be enough to do a straight trade even if your going form say a Galaxy S3 down to a Galaxy Ace.