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Texting and My Ford Touch

Texting worked on My Ford Touch and Blackberry Q5 until about a week ago and now I get the message "the currently connected phone does not support text messaging vis Bluetooth".

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Have you tried unpairing them and then reconnecting it? Although I have heard Ford Sync has had some issues with Blue tooth on some devices.
Yes I have tried unpairing and reconnecting. Same message.
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Was there a recent update on your Blackberry that maybe is causing problems now? Ive had my Z10 paired up to numerous rentals with Sync and always liked it and thought it worked well. I actually wish my daily driver had it lol.
I had an update for my Blackberry phone in Feb. or March but it worked fine after the update. It is only in the last couple of weeks that I have had the texting problem.
Problem solved. I tried uninstall and re-install again and now text messaging works again.