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I just signed up and got my first non flip phone and really didn't know much. I didn't know that my data had to be turned off in a few different places to ensure I didn't get billed for same, I didn't kow how to set up a few things and all I needed was a site to go to, to click on the phone I was working with, to be able to enter search terms based on what I needed to have that information show in screen. Some people might need to start with basics, others may only need to learn a thing or two but I feel that you should design a learning site for all your phones/devices, so that nno matter what your level of knowledge, you can easily learn what you need without stress or fuss or frustration... or receiving bills for data because you didn't know you didn't have it turned off.

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Gayle, I was late coming over to a "smart phone" too. Many of my friends had complained about the same problem you experienced. In fact, I know one older fellow who was happy with his flip phone, because he wasn't willing to take on the cost and learning curve involved in a "smart phone", I believe you are correct about the need for a "smart phone" learner's guide. Maybe, the best place to find it would be your phone manufacturer's web site (ie Apple, Samsung etc). This forum is also a good source of information, Don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, the search tool on this site will help you get answers about your specific phone model. It may take a little time and effort, but after your first month, you will be glad you bought the smart phone.
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I saw an ad on TV yesterday, from Telus, that said they were offering new user classes in some areas. It may be restricted to larger cities only, but it is something Koodo should look into,