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Tabs available to prepaid customers!

Tabs should be available to prepaid customers! What about us? We use our phone's every month so we should also have the option of a tab to save up for a better phone. Monthly plan users get the luxury of not initially paying full price for a phone! Only prepaid users are the ones who really shell out the big bucks! I've noticed this was never mentioned, but I think this idea could work! The tab amount could be taken off every month when the plan is renewed or it could be an extra feature where the booster section is. It would be way easier to save this way and better yet, it would be a stronger incentive to keep koodo prepaid customers interested and on their toes when new phones come out on the market! This way, people could actually pay for the phone (with help from a tab) or have the option of going on a monthly plan!

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There is something really awesome going on in prepaid which is almost better than a Tab, Taiyewo 🙂 When you sign up for auto renewal, you'll get a 10% credit towards your top up account, which in the case of the $15 plan is $1.50 each month. You can then use that to get more boosters, or a free month of service 🙂
Sophia wrote:

There is something really awesome going on in prepaid which is almost better than a Tab, Taiyewo ...

That '10% credit' is only offered to people who use credit cards to top-up. I read the fine print. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to me.
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Unfortunately the tab is basically a contract, and having to sign a contract defeats the purpose of prepaid service.
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Unfortunately this would not work as there's no way to make sure the person is going to pay for the phone, they could just get a phone on prepaid and take the phone and leave without paying for it. You can set up a prepaid account with any name you make up and there would be no way to even bill a person for the phone as their info could be completely made up. If you have the credit to get a phone on a tab which is basically a loan then just switch to postpaid, if you don't have the credit to get accepted for a postpaid account then you can't get approved for the loan of a phone see it doesn't really work. The best thing to do is just to save up the money and then purchase the phone especially since prepaid is actually cheaper in most cases than postpaid plans.
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Everything's been said already, but realistically Taiyewo, since everything is paid for in advance with prepaid, the same goes for the device. The whole idea of prepaid is to remove all financial risk for the carrier. Them giving you a Tab would defeat this very purpose. It also just so happens that currently, prepaid is a VERY attractive alternative to pricey monthly plans for those whose usage pattern fits (hint, hint) :oP
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What you are suggesting is no different than what monthly users have and to even get a tab, you'd have to get a credit check/be the age of majority. Therefore, you may as well go on monthly. If your point was to give out Tabs to people without contracts/credit checks, that can't happen:(