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Tabs and paying them off faster.

I think having several lines that has all separate tab amounts on one account is great! What I'd like to see though is, that if one account has a negative tab balance and the other is positive tab balance that we can use one account to pay off the owing tab balance. It would be so much more convenient and faster to pay off the negative tab balance on one account. Although this feature would only be available to monthly customers..

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Great idea that's been floated, with couple different variances. I believe it even made the list, for Koodo consideration. But since the new tab changes took effect, who knows there may be some marketing value in your idea, in lue of the .gift" giveaways.
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Woulda been a cool idea a while ago, but accounts can no longer acquire positive tab balances !
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Ya some tabs, still aquire positively. Depends if you signed up before the cut off date.