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Tabador me

The one thing I liked the most about koodo is El Tabador, So it would be cool if people could make their own luchador masks, that can be customised with trim, and colour, and then be displayed on social media like  fb, tw, the others. I would then like to maybe even go so far as to actually make the masks! that way people can wear them.. it would be cool those Mexican wrestler masks are super sweet!

Oh and just throwing it out there, UNLIMITED DATA AFTER 5. AND WEEKENDS.

Have a great day.


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Great idea unlimited data after 5 and weekends. Koodo lidten up. Here is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new twust. I really don't expect you can efficiently offer this for free but what an opportunity to pool in revenue by offering this at inexpensive rates andeave the competution in the dust. Whydin't you pool your customer base with several proposals to choose from which make it a siund busuness decision on yiur part and an efficiency built in for your clients and prospectives. It doesn't taje ling to get the word out on social.media without spending a cent onadvertising. Thinkof the additional revenue!