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I just got a samsung galaxy a few months ago and I am very unsatisfied with the phone. I still have a lot left on my tab but really hoping something can be done for me to go back to a blackberry which I know I like. I have a small tab right now, wondering if its possible to get moved up to a medium tab... to be able to get a blackberry curve... ???

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You can totally do this if you go to the kiosk. Just be aware that the medium tab adds $5 to you bill as a tab charge.
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If you're going to move up to the Medium Tab then I recommend getting the Q5 instead of the 9320. It's slightly larger but gives you a nice keyboard, better specs/hardware, plus you'll get the BB10 experience. 🙂
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You would have to pay off your existing tab and then you can get the full $300 to use for your blackberry