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Tab Balance Question

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I brought my own phone (a Blackberry Q10) to Koodo approx. 22 months ago, I live in Northern Ontario and pay CAD$39 for the 300 minutes/300mb plan a month via my bank - the plan works great and all is well.

While looking at my account this AM I noticed that I have a 'positive tab balance' of $56.83 but I do not know where this amount is derived from or how it has accumulated. As best as I know I do not have a tab based phone plan and even on the same page which says I have this positive balance of $56.83 it also says 'Your Tab type: No Tab Discount'

Can anyone (preferably a mobile master or staffer) explain what this amount is and given as I am unlikely to move to an Android or iPhone at any time in the near future, is this positive tab balance of any practical use to me?

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Hi David,

With the tab system you got when you would have purchased the Q10, your tab automatically accumulates positive tab balance up to 150$ for the use of a new phone. There isn't any use for it apart from buying a new phone. 
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I didn't purchase my Q10 via Koodo, I simply bought a Koodo sim.
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It could be from paying a little bit extra on your bill each month. I pay my bill rounding up so if its 63 I pay 65. Is it possible you have it set to pay a little more than your bill ?
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@Chadwick - I like your thinking but no that isn't it either, I checked the bank statements online and we pay to the penny what is owed each month.
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Hey everyone! Paying your bill extra would just leave a credit for your next invoice, it wouldn't be transferred over to your Tab. Since you have a positive Tab balance, then at some point you received positive points. They will remain there until you decide to use them for a future upgrade! Being on the No Tab Discount means that you receive an additional 10% discount on your monthly invoice. Since this credit is part of our old Tab system, whenever you decide to upgrade, you will lose it. Until then, enjoy it! 🙂