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Tab Achievements

I think it would be a cool idea to have "tab achievements".  For example; every so many months (6 or 12 months), Koodo members earn a "tab achievement" on their account.  This gives them $5 or $10 taken off of what they owe on their tab, or added to their positive balance to help them purchase a phone sooner.  These achievements will show up in the Koodo members account under "Achievements".  Each achievement will have a different badge associated with it. There can also been extra ways for Koodo members to earn badges.  Example: Maybe there will be a badge for referring a friend to sign up for Koodo services.

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How would these be earned? Simply by paying your bill?
Oops. Yeah I guess I should explain my idea better. LOL! Sorry. Yes, you would receive these is you paid your bill in full and on time. Example, if you paid your bill 6 months in a row on time and in full you could receive a badge. The website could maybe also include a counter bar that shows how close you are to achieving the badge...I don't know. Just an idea I had.
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It might work, but there would be implementation problems. The community forum and Koodo's self-serve, etc. run on different systems. So the badge on the forum can't really use information about your payment history.