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Switching to Koodo was the best decision I've made.

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After breaking up with Rogers, I found Koodo by accident when Best Buy Mobile recommended it. At first, I was skeptical and thought the network service would be "mediocre" at best. But lo and behold, Koodo's signal is always strong and the data connection is pretty fast on my Q10. I finally have cell service in my condo, whereas with Rogers, I had none.

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Good to hear this! Koodo is same coverage/reception as telus , which is far better than rogers/fido. Telus/bell/sasktel share towers all over canada which makes it superior than rogers alone coverage. If you got the service recently, u probably didn't get the real goodies plan, keep and eye on website and switch when they will offer double data plans for same value. Cheers

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The coverage is great, and the Community is AWESOME for help and support. The monthly rates are good, but I converted to Prepaid. Great rates, only pay for what you use, unused data and talk time carry over to the next month, 10% discounts on automatic top ups. Sheesh.......what else does a person need?
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flyersfan wrote:

The coverage is great, and the Community is AWESOME for help and support. The monthly rates are g...

Check out the Booster rates. 😉
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Welcome to Koodo Maya! +1 flyersfan, I'm on prepaid as well and you can't beat the rollover minutes/data. Every now and again Koodo offers perks to prepaid customers similar to what Randy posted, (double minutes, double data). Hope they offer that again soon.
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Welcome to Koodo! Been a member since 2009! I love Koodo and I love the deals they have! I was one of the people that got the 50$ plan that Randy posted. And recently (since I am in Quebec), it is 5$ less with pretty much everything. But if someone go jump on the question I posted it would clarify something up for me! But enjoy your experience with Koodo!
I'm with Wind Mobile and have no regrets. Then again they have pretty good coverage where I live.