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Switching phones during a 3 year contract

Hello, I have a blackberry curve 9300 currently, its pretty much dying now. I want to switch phones, but i still have a year and and a half left on my 3 year contract, i just want a simple talk and text phone, I have a 20$ simple plan and a blackberry add on that i could remove. I want to know if i can switch phones during my contract, will there be a fee? I just find it a waste of money not being able to use my phone without it p*ssing me off

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The only phones that Koodo carries that can get 3 year contracts are iPhones. You likely have a tab balance on that 9300. So, you are free to buy a new phone with whatever room you have remaining. For example, if you are at -60, then you can put 90 to a new phone, maxing out at -150
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How come you had 3 years contract with BB, Koodo does not use term contract, but TAB, ($150), if you are with Koodo, you can upgrade your phone any time you want.
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If it was indeed on contract then you would need to pay the remamining subsidy first. However, I dont think you are on contract. You should only have a Tab is that correct. If so, then you can buy a new phone outright or using your available Tab. You can buy any phone you want from koodo and use the new one at anytime. or you can buy one on kijiji or online, as long as it works with Koodo, and is a Koodo phone or unlocked
when i got the phone, i bought it full price, i do have a tab and have no papers or anything saying i have a contract, i don't know where i got the idea i was on a contract, buy my tab says 70.97, so is that what i would put towards a phone?
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If your tab is +70.97 and you qualify for a negative tab, you could actually redeem up to 220.97 towards a new phone.
70$ of my tab on a phone and had to pay 5$ extra, it said it was approved so im guessing it should go fine, but thanks everyone