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Switched from blackberry to moto g - having issues HELP!

I recently switched from a blackberry to the moto g. I've had it for a day and didn't realize that apps continue to run in the background and now I've basically demolished all of my data for the month. How do i stop apps from running in the background and automatically updating? I really only want to be able to use facebook, text, google, and email on a consistent basis :S HELP please!

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If you go to: - setting - Data usage you will be able to see you data usage and all the apps that contribute to that data usage. Tapping on the app will give you the option of diabling background data usage. Auto update for the apps and is done over wifi only so that shouldnt inpact your network data. For the software update go to: - Setting - About phone/ debive - Software update There you will be able to set how your phone will update the software. Hope that helps.
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If you go to: - setting - Data usage you will be able to see you data usage and all the apps ...

great answer, but on some phones, apps are set to update over data or any connection that is available. To set apps to update on only wifi, you have to; go to the playstore app>playstore settings>auto update apps>set it to wifi only.
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Under data usage, hit the menu dots, Uncheck background data. Next you'll need to open each app you talked about and Uncheck the auto update part of that particular app.
Thanks everyone...very helpful!