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Switched Blackberry 9810 to Koodo - data not working

Hi, I switched my phone from Rogers to Koodo earlier today. I was told that it might take a couple hours for everything to effectively switch to Koodo. It's been about 5 hours and I am only able to talk and text. It appears that the data portion of my contract is not working - I can't use my apps (ex. map, internet, Facebook). What should I do? Thank you!!!

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Hey Amanda! Can you log into self serve and make sure your on a blackberry plan ? if your not this is why the data isnt working
I need to have a blackberry plan for my data (internet, facebook) to work? That seems a little redundant...everything works with wifi, so it just the fact that the mobile data network isn't working. I don't care for the bbm aspect at all - not an important feature to me.
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Also, are you prepaid or postpaid? Blackberry data won't work on prepaid phones.
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Yes, You need to have a BB plan for any web based features to work over the data network. Those features are currently working over WIFI becuase your phone at one point downloaded the proper service books for use on Rogers. So those books are still good for WIFI use. HOWEVER because of a limitation in how BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) works, you do need to be on a BB Specific plan for any BB prior to BB 10

The plans are no more expensive then the normal plans but they add APN Provisioning to your sim. You BB looks for this provisioning to get the required service books!

Just log into Selfserve and make sure your plan name  says (BB) after it. If not change it to a BB specific version of you plan.

If it does: goto Options > Advanced > host routing table > Tap the BB Key > select register now

Then reboot
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! My boyfriend wound up calling Koodo for some help. They advised him to adjust some settings. The lady who helped him was very helpful and patient. She spent about 15-20 minutes on the phone with him. I didn't have to switch to a BB plan, just get the APN setup as it hadn't been done at the store. Thanks again for the suggestions!