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Swap Minutes for Data! or at least swap these plans!

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It seems Koodo has already implemented 2 plans to appeal to other data hungry users. I think it would be totally easy to continue this motion!!! 🙂 Koodo has a $54 plan with 100min and 2GB of data AND a $54 plan with 1000min and 750MB of data. By reducing the minutes by 900 this lets the data be increased by 1250MB to make a total 2GB and 100min And my favourite new plan from Koodo: The $94 plan with Unlimited minutes and 5GB of data! One problem.... The Tab L version of this plan only has 3GB.. Here's the solution: Get rid of the Tab L $105 for 3GB and give your high paying customers the chance to use 5GB! 5GB is awesome Koodo I seriously thank you for that 🙂 it just sucks that people can only get that on their lower value phones or pay an astounding $450 for a new higher value phone that would actually be better suited for that large volume of data.

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This has been suggested numerous times in many different shapes and sizes but the message is quite clear from Koodo: No. 😞
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In theory (from a customer's perspective) your idea makes absolute sense. From a business perspective I suspect it has far less appeal. People are using less and less voice and more and more data. I don't think phone companies are rushing to cut the prices on that partially because it cost more to carry data than voice on their networks. A reduction would it into their margins and in turn the market (shareholders) would penalize them by a drop in their stock price which isn't their goal. As far as the "astounding" prices of phones, well, that's not really set by by them but rather the companies making the phones. Of course there are sales but I have to believe more often than not that means providers take a bath and sell phones below their costs.