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Everyone gets sick of their old phone right? I mean by the time we have used our phones long enough to pay for them they are old, nasty and look like dinosaurs. With this in mind, Koodo should come up with a plan to create small kiosks in malls and in department stores where you can trade your phone in for a different one.

So you might have got all up in arms at this point thinking "we can't afford that!" or "what the heck?". Well, if you make it strictly lightly used phones that people don't want and their tabs are still the same after, you are losing no money and people are happier with a different phone. These little kiosks scan your phone to see what kind it is and how good of shape it is in. We wouldn't want someone putting a piece of junk in for someone else to use. 

This innovative idea will be a huge draw for consumers when they think of those 2 and 3 year contracts out there and remember how much they hate them. This is an opportunity to pay reasonable prices and be able to afford a different phone when they get sick of the old one! And of course, a great marketing scheme for the Koodo company in that you are re-using phones, and less are being dumped in landfills. This novel idea is a win-win solution.


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Hi Rebecca, Koodo has a trade your phone program in place where you can bring in your used Koodo phone (has to be from a postpaid account) and get a credit towards a new phone. Keep in mind that you would get more for it if you sold it online as opposed to bringing it to Koodo. Hope that helps 🙂