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Stop SPAM Texts

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I got a ton of SPAM texts from Koodo from annoying useless stuff to outright lies.

at lest twice but usually closer to 4 or 5 times a month I get 5245 for unresolved complaints blah blah blah
Your Plan will renew in xxxx days TOP UP NOW

Even when I have money exceeding my plan (prepaid) in my account I ALWAYS get a text telling me I dont have enough money and to add more money. Then get a text usually when Im trying to sleep telling me my plan renewed.

Its very annoying and I see no way via self serve etc to stop it and I cant turn my phone off when I go to bed as Im in a 24/7 on-call profesion

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Like everything Telus and Koodo I guess you just ignore and hope it goes away. Many Mobile Masters online none come within 100 feet of this. And I think I will take a stand as a respected member of the underground PC community and as a developer for Ratio Group (15% owner of Telus) Step up, Speak up and be a Man/Woman dont hide like your Mobile Masters do (hot topic oh snap burned run like a cat who got his tail lit up)
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Hey Tristan, I don't the mobile masters are hiding. They are not employees of koodo, just regular folks. It's Christmas, so I think they are just enjoying the holidays. Some of the texts you receive are mandated by our "awesome" government and we would be heavily penalized if we didn't send them out. I'm referring to the "unresolved complaint" message which is required by the CCTS a federal body regulating all wireless companies. We have to send them out 4 times a year to all customers. You definitely shouldn't get them more often. I'd love to let customers opt out of it too! The other messages are system driven and not yet available on individual opt-out. Hope this helps somewhat.   
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That doesnt help Bernaard. When I have $200 in my account and my plan is $35 and you send me a message saying I dont have enough that makes me mad almost mad enough to file a complaint with Ottawa. And when I work all hours, cleaning up meth labs and chem spills, etc I dont need you waking me up with useless texts
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And its been 5 hours with thousands of views. Do you wish to continue with that same train of logic Bernarnard or look at the reality of just today where you guys flat lined another user for disparagging remarks. I guess as a 15% owner Im somewhat different and Im allowed to state my beliefs and not be banned or spammed with useless emails like you did to JC. NOT COOL

Just stop spamming your pre paid customers, stop giving us emails saying $50 in your account cant pay for a $35 plan and get legit. As it stands happy as I am with koodo Im ready to take some recordings and screen shots to ottawa. You guys have no clue (no offense Bernard and other front line employees) you break the Criminal Code Of Canada every time you text me saying I dont have enough money when I do. Technically that violates Canadas Extortion law. JUST SAYING lol
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Just throwing it out there, working for a company that has an ownership stake in Telus doesn't make you an owner unless you personally own shares. And as Bernard said, its the holidays so everyone isn't rushing on to answer every question. I'm not even sure where it shows that thousands of people have looked at the thread in the 5 hours you mentioned as I highly doubt that many people were on here yesterday.