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Stay longr and get more

This is something different the the tab and how you really keep you customers at but longer then just having them for that one year thing and just leave . What if you have a benifit of staying longer in the company and making phones 20% off or even more . Making no change In your plan and getting a new phone I belive you are a great company but as a customer I think that people like me who been with the company should get something for staying . The one thing in company that are big should benifit the people who stay making it easy for them it can help you make people tell about the good company you are and another thing that you should make you keep your plan if you want to get a new phone .

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Hi Nathaniel, You are able to keep your plan even if it is one that is discontinued. The tab small allows you to use any plan that Koodo has or used to have available. The tab medium requires a minimum plan of $30/month + $5 tab charge. Tab large requires you to change your plan to a tab large plan which starts at $80/month ($70 +$10 tab charge). In the long run tab medium is the best option to choose from. Hope that helps 🙂