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Social Networking and Interaction Idea

I believe that a great idea Koodo could implement is create an option within their app, as well as online, where all Koodo customers could get together socially (online and/or in person) and get to know each other on a deeper level rather than just 'customers'. This would develop a community in Koodo where people interact and help each other out not only regarding telecommunication related topics, but also get to know, interact and help each other on a more personal level, thus making new friends and improving each customer's social circle. Through this idea, not only will the relationship and bond between Koodo and its customers improve, but the customers will no longer be "just" customers; they will develop almost a long-term family or friendship like environment that will suit everyone. Also, and perhaps most importantly, by implementing this idea customers will get to know each other better; they will no longer be some strangers from various regions all across Canada. This gives all customers an opportunity to get to know other customers on a personal level, who share the same interests of being part of one of the best telecommunications companies in Canada. This idea can certainly be further developed, such as adding a popularity option in the community where the more interactive and helpful a customer is as a customer and as a person, the more benefits such as a reduction in monthly plans or some.gift cards could be awarded. This would help customers be motivated to participate in various discussions and get to know others while also saving  money and gaining some rewards from Koodo. Koodo would also benefit from this as their customer relationship would be even stronger, and overall everyone would be satisfied and it would be a win-win situation for both parties. This is something I believe would highly suit and solve the problems of today's generation, as everyone tends to be always on their cellular devices and socially avoid people around by not interacting as much as they have in the past. It is also something unique that I believe does not exist in any other company around the world, and if Koodo would be the first to implement this idea and bring it into existence, it could gain massive recognition and reputation not just nationally, but internationally as well. 

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