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sin card

I recently got a blackberry Z 10 through blackberry and went to put my sin card from my torch but the card is too large? I'm I able to get a smaller one?

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You will need to either go to a Kiosk and get a microsim or cut down your existing. I'd recommend paying the 10 bucks for a new sim
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Or you can go online and get a cutter. Personally I'd recommend getting it cut. I use a single SIM to go from standard to micro to nano - if cut properly you just need to insert it into the proper hole & it'll work. For me it's easier than going online & changing it there when I want to swap between my multiple phones.
i agree with John. And if you get a good cutter, you can actually use the cutaway piece as the adapter for the smaller sim card to fit in the bigger slots..
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Getting a cutter is fine, I own one myself. But I assume she would like service sooner than later. Buying a cutter and waiting for it to be mailed out will take longer than going to a kiosk. I found the adapters to go back not worth it. I've ripped the pins on a Palm Pre as they got caught by the small edge between the adapter and cut sim. Just aligning the micro on it's own works for me. I also assume she won't be flipping back and forth, so adapters isn't a requirement
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Using a cutter to go down a size is fine, but be very careful with using adapters to go back and under no circumstance should you use them with unibody phones for slot-loaded SIM cards.
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Where do I get these sin cards? 🙂 What kind of sins do they come with? More importantly if I pull out my sin card does that mean all is forgiven. 🙂