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SIM troubes

  • 30 March 2013
  • 2 replies

Hi there, I'm a koodo customer and I recently lost my phone. However, I had an old phone with sim card at my house, and tried to place the sim card in my roommates blackberry and activate it, but the activator says the sim card is invalid. What should I do?

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2 replies

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Hi Lyle, Sorry to hear you lost your phone! Was the SIM card activated before? In that case it might be "spent" and you probably need to purchase a new one. Just to verify: is your friend's BB unlocked and/or a Koodo version?
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Once a SIM Card has been activated it can't be activated under a different account ever. Once you deactivate a SIM Card by switching to a different SIM Card the old one is then only good for 90 days and like I said can only be activated under the same account within that time. After 90 days the SIM Card is useless.