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SG S2X vs BB z10 signal strength

  • 31 August 2013
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Hello everyone, back in June I finally upgraded from the Samsung Evergreen to the S2X & I was surprised to find how bad the signal strength is on it. It will drop the signal in the Scotia Square mall in downtown Halifax, my Evergreen worked fine there. When I was over at my cottage on PEI this summer I had 0 bars & the phone would work only out on the corner of the deck. My gf has a BB Bold 9700 & she had 3 bars & no problem (she is with Virgin). My nephew Alex has the BB Curve & his had 3 bars & works fine too (he is with Koodo). My other nephew & niece have iPhone 5's & had same problem as me (they are both with Bell). Does anyone have any idea how the z10 compares in signal strength & would it be worth me switching. I have a chance to buy a z10 for $230.

8 replies

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I find the signal strength on my z10 destroys my galaxy nexus. But I think you will find this says it all: http://www.berryreview.com/2013/04/05/blackberry-z10-awarded-telstras-blue-tick-for-solid-rural-coverage/
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In using the Z10 I did find it to be better/more reliable than my iPhone 5.
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BB as well and Motorola and Sony have always been known to have great reception. Samsungs are okay but could be better. My S2 was meh but my S4 is a tad better.
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BlackBerries have always had better reception than other phones. Both me and my ex girlfriend's Androids would barely be able to get any signal in her house out in Uxbridge but when I used my old 9900 work phone it would be able to squeak out 3 or more bars.
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I have great service with my Z10, can't complain.
Thanks for all the replies people. I bought the z10 & am very pleased with it. The 1st person I phoned commented how clear my phone was today & where I was getting only 1 & 2 bars on my SG I now get full signal. Anyone looking to buy a Galaxy S2 X...lol
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A note on the call quality. The Z10 supports HD voice, and if you call another phone that supports that the call quality is amazing (I know iPhone 5 does off the top of my head. Maybe the S 4 (don't think the S III does), and there are definitely others as well).
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Z10 has an amazing call quality even in an area with a poor signal ( at least for me)