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Setting up new phone ate up all my data quota

  • 21 August 2014
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I setup a new phone last night and used the sim from my previous Koodo phone. I was on my home wifi during the process, but at some point during app and data installs phone must have switched to data service. I got several text alerts all at same time warning I had exceeded my 400MB quota. As of lastnight, I was being charged $35 for 1.7 GB overage.i turned off data services immediately. As of this morning it is now 2GB and charge is $40. Can I get some kind of break in this? The alerts cane in when I was already well over my quota so they were not effective as an alert. Thanks.

2 replies

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You'd need to actually Call Koodo and speak to an account rep. Explain and be as polite as possible. None of us here have a access to your account.
Thanks. I just talked with customer service. After reviewing my data consumption rates over the past year, they approved removing this 2GB over usage from the other night. I will not be charged the $40 amount. My plan will reset to zero usage at beginning of next billing cycle. I need to keep my data plan deactivated until then to avoid further charges. I am very satisfied with this outcome and the interaction with the rep was one of the best i have ever had in recent years, no question. Rep was knowledgeable courteous immediately understood the situation and got it sorted. Well Done Koodo!