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I think they should have the koodo self serve app for prepaid . What if you want too see how much minutes you have,when your plan expires, if you want to change your base plan and add bosters the opportunitys are endless

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Yea.....why not. I'm guessing that with prepaid being a new venture for Koodo, they didn't invest the money or effort into a self serve app early on. They probably planned on doing it eventually, just not right now. Then again I'm just a consumer like yourself 🙂 Koodo should really be the ones telling you if this is a good idea or not.
I'm on prepaid and I installed their main self serve app last night and was almost freaking out when I couldn't login to it. Took forever for me to realize the app wasn't for prepaid customers. I totally agree there should be a self serve app for prepaid, but I also need to make an additional suggestion: that the mobile site tells the user that the app it recommends is not for prepaid customers, because the login screens for both look very similar and it can be quite disconcerting when a company you just pumped a bunch of money into tells you they don't know who you are.
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Well I don't know what app you downloaded, Carson, but the Android one says right at the top [b]Description The app does not support prepaid accounts. (Etc) But nitpicking aside, I'd LOVE to have this app on prepaid, I feel soooooooooooooo unloved too 😃
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I think a Prepaid Self Serve application would be nice. Maybe they are working on it?
John Lee wrote:

I think a Prepaid Self Serve application would be nice. Maybe they are working on it?

Sophia, I'm just referring to the system that sends you to the app from the website, I don't think it tells you that. Therefore, when I got into Google play store directly from the Koodo site I didn't think I needed to read the details, I just assumed it would work for me. It is possible though, that the Koodo page sending me there was actually the sign-in page for the non-prepaid customers anyway. It was my first time trying to login using my phone and I didn't realize there were two different login pages. Don't get me wrong, so far I absolutely love my prepaid plan and the setup all went off without a hitch, I'm looking forward to many years as a Koodo customer, so I'm hoping for a prepaid app to go with it. 🙂
It would be great if Koodo could have a prepaid app. Prepaid customers are still customers so I believe Koodo should try to keep us happy as well by making us feel like we belong. Even better would be if prepaid and postpaid log in are integrated instead of separated.
Yes I think so too. Even though I check it online on the Koodo site. But should be made available to us who got prepaid cellphones.
I agree...totally not clear in the app that this doesn't support pre-paid. Go rate the app poorly in the app store and say why, thats what I did! I wish there was a rating lower than 1 star!
I also vote for a prepaid app! Why are we second rate customers???
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Good idea! I think that would be a great idea!
Yep, I don't like how there isn't even a mobile website for us prepaid users.
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Hey guys, we're still looking into this which is why it's still "under consideration". There's some logistics to figure out, but we know it's important for our Prepaid customers. It's only fair!
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Thank you. I think that Prepaid customers should not be left out!
Definitely looking forward to a Prepaid App for topping up etc. I did the same as Carson ... lol ... it was a bit frustrating. Oh well ... great service so far btw ... thanks Koodo
Yes I would like to see this app also.
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We seriously need this! We are being denied a online service because we are prepayed and not post payed. Those koodo developer Monkeys are lazy!
Such an app would be amazing and one of the first of its kind. Customers would love it!
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I'm on board with the prepaid app. After all, Koodo is getting our cash up front. Monthly users can go in arrears, get discounted phones and payments. Why get special privileges too. Give me a break...
This would be great!
Awesome idea! I'm in!! Just hope it doesn't use much space as my crap phone never has any to spare!
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As a hopefully short-term workaround, I use the browser on my phone to login to the prepaid self-serve website and I can do everything there, but I am using my valuable data if I'm not on wifi.
Koodo's website for prepaid customers is complete garbage in every respect. It all comes down to money and greed. Koodo makes a lot more money selling devices and post paid accounts with a recurring monthly charge. I attempt to use the website to add minutes and data and it never works correctly. I use a Mac computer but that should not matter. There should be an app available for any device be it Apple, Android, Windows, or Blackberry. I have had to call 611 to get help with having my credits added to my service which since they are always busy takes at least 30 minutes per call and then they have the nerve to as k for a $5 fee. Forget getting help at the mall kiosk as they will simply sell you a voucher and tell you to go online and they service at every mall kiosk that I've been to is beyond horrible. The one and only thing that Koodo has going is the services itself is pretty good. Koodo needs to wake up and have an app and a website that actually works with any and all browsers. There is no excuse for this subpar service. Get your brain surgeon engineers to pull their head out and fix this problem immediately.
Justin Mattina wrote:

Koodo's website for prepaid customers is complete garbage in every respect. It all comes down to ...

if you have a credit card register it, Get the $5 monthly fee discount. make it a reoccurring payment. they gave me 100 talk minutes for doing it. Now i have the benefits of post paid but i only have to top up minutes or data as I use up my boosters thanks Koodo