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School bus tracker

  • 24 September 2014
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An app that tracks school busses for parents. It would be the same as an app for city busses and could very easily be implemented. As you might know, many parents now a days choose to wait at the bus stop with their children until the bus shows up. This is great! But sometimes if the weather is bad, or the bus breaks down, they wait there for 30+minutes and are constantly kept guessing as to when the bus will show up because there are no updates. This could be a simple app that allows the bus driver to sign into their designated route profile and give the users updates as to how far away it is from point to point. This would also be a great app for the students (like myself) that have a mobile phone but don't have parents willing to drive them to their bus stop. This would be very beneficial especially in extreme colds when the student is left to stand with no shelter for long periods of time. I know this could be a great app, I just don't have the know-how in terms of programming to develop it, maybe you know someone? Thanks for taking the time to read my idea.

1 reply

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I don't think Koodo has much to do with developing apps. This would also be difficult for a developer because the data would have to come from the individual school boards. However, by placing your idea on the board, you may inspire some eager developer to give it a shot. You can always spend some time searching on the App Store. You might get lucky. I agree with you that there is a real NEED for this type of app.