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Roll Over Minutes/Data

[b]Roll Over Minutes/Data

My idea is to create the purchasable add-on of roll over data/minutes. This would work as it sounds, by allowing for unused minutes or data to be able to be added to the total allotted amount of data/minutes of a user. Rolled over minutes would be added to the users' next month amount, up to a maximum of what double (or a different designated amount) the users' plan gives. The amount of minutes/data gained from a roll over month would be calculated from the difference of what wasn't used and the total amount of what the plan allows for. e.g. if only 50MB of a 300MB plan was used then the 250 would be added to your plan the following month for a total of 550MB. If your plan gives you 300 MB data and you use none at all next month you would have 600 MB, if you were to use none again, the following month you would only have the 300 MB. If nothing is used from a month that has roll over minutes then nothing is gained the following month. The roll over data/minutes can never exceed what double the amount of what the plan allows for (because Koodo still has to make money off of this). The same rules would also apply to anytime minutes. 

I believe this would have a positive effect on Koodo and customers as this would provide a unique and lucrative option that no other providers are offering. This would allow customers that do not use all of their data/minutes the use of what have they were already given instead of allowing it to go to waste. This idea also would not be too hard to implement as it does not require the building of infrastructure or increase in staff as add-ons are adjustable on the Koodo website, this would only require software adjustments and updates. This idea could greatly improve the efficiency of plans and provide customers with a better 'bang for their buck' for any plan they have chosen.

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