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If I travel to the United-States, and I have already purchased an unlimited texting roaming add-on, will people be charged if I text them? Also, can I use BBM?

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If they're in Canada and they have unlimited SMS with their providers they won't be charged, BBM use Data, if you BBM you'll be charged Roaming Data.
..... if you BBM you'll be charged Roaming Data [b][i] unless you add the US data Roaming for $10 which will give you 25 MB of data , overage will be 40¢/MB
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If you have a BlackBerry 10 (Z10 or Q10) device you can add the before mentioned roaming packs but they are not available for older BlackBerry units like the bold,curve, or torch. There won't be additional charges to your friends mobile for getting your texts other than what your friends are already charged. So as long as your friends have international messages included in their plans they should be fine. But if they don't have international texting included they may have additional charges. Ask them to call their providers and see if it's okay and let them tell you it's okay so you don't have to take the responsibility. You can use BBM on a BlackBerry 10 device with the before mentioned roaming pack or you can use it on an older device if you have a wifi connection such as found in airports and tons of other places in the usa.