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Cannot register Blackberry 9800 so that I can use wifi. I do not have a data plan. Koodo staff unable to solve problem.

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Hi Adrian, What exactly are you trying to register to? SelfServe? your home wifi network?
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Also... BBs have historically had an issue of using wi-fi only. If I remember correctly, the easiest way to enable wi-fi only is to switch the phone to airplane mode, then to switch on wi-fi on its own.... Unfortunately you lose use of your phones text/voice features while you're doing that, until you switch airplan mode off again. But as soon as mobile netwrks are back up, BBs try to connect via data over wifi. BB had that problem right up till OS 7. 😞
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Hi Adrian, we indeed offer limited support on non-Koodo phones. I suggest that you check on this page (official BlackBerry forum) as you might find a solution there: http://koo.do/105h18v. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.