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How many cell phone users have a small (or large) stockpile of used phones that a company will not take back?  How many of those phones are perfectly usable, but merely sit collecting dust in a box somewhere?  I am willing to bet that the majority of cell phone users in Canada have such a collection and do not know what to do with it or don't know how to properly recycle used phones.
I propose that if Koodo were able to "buy" back their customers used cell phones (say, in exchange for $5 on the tab or something simple like that), refurbish and sell said phones, the company could save money (by not having to buy as many phones from manufacturers), increase customers (there are always people who would rather purchase a slightly used or refurbished cell phone than a brand new one, which would be far more expensive), and therefore, increase company profits.  In general, a program of this kind has the potential to be a win-win situation for both the company AND the customer.
And for those who don't know how to properly recycle a cell phone, Koodo could provide a recycling service (I actually carried around a water damaged cell phone for over a year before I finally threw it in the trash.  I felt terrible about it, so having such a program would be very helpful for the every-day customer who has broken or ruined their phone).
In addition, a buy-back program could also cut down on the amount of stolen phones within the company because of Koodo's ability to scan SIM cards for theft and records. In this way, Koodo could very much help their customers who have had phones stolen (the process being: scan the SIM card, find the owner and return the phone, smile with satisfaction 🙂 ).  

I hope this idea gives you some futher ideas for working more efficiently with your customers and budget.
Thank you for providing this opportunity to share!

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