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Recycle old cell phones towards a Koodo Tab!

The idea is simple enough, recycle our old cell phone with Koodo and get a bonus on a Koodo Tab. Any amount would be appreciated, $25.00, $50.00 etc. 
It would sure beat throwing out broken cell phones in the garbage where they just end up in landfills and create environmental damage.
Plus, it would be nice to have something from our once loved cell phones go towards our new cell phones.
This could be applied to pre-existing customers, new customers or returning customers.

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Well you can trade in your old phone that can be used as in store credit already but not off the Tab. Plus to be honest, trade in value is generally very low across the board unless there's a promo; ie. Telus just had a June incentive: a bonus $50 store credit on top of whatever the device was worth (even if it was $0) so I did a few of those for customers at the time looking to get an S5 or iPhone 5S for little to no money down. It's instant gratification and a good way to get rid of an old phone but it only works in specific scenarios. Even an iPhone 4S 16GB model, which they don't make anymore, is valued around $100 or less but then Apple lets Koodo sell the iPhone 4S 8GB model for $300 😑
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Good point but I still think this is a good idea just for incentive to recycle. Especially phones that were on the CDMA network or obviously not worth anything but recycling. What about cracked, damaged phones? It would still be cool if Koodo would give us money off our tab to recycle old phones.
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It would be nice if you could trade your phone in. The Cobourg kiosk in walmart refused to. The people there said I'd have to goto Toronto to trade my phone it. It wasn't worth the gas
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There are a few charities out there that will take your old cell phone to give to battered women's shelters, so they can use it to call 911 in case of emergencies, or use it as a prepaid phone so abusive spouses/ex's won't be able to track them down. In return, they may give you a tax receipt so you can claim it back on your taxes. This might be worth more than the low trade-in value you may get, and may even give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! Check online or contact your local charity to find out more, or contact some of the bigger groups like Goodwill, Salvation Army, Amnesty International or a local women's support group/shelter.