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Receiving only some texts and texts aren't sending out to people with other providers?

2 hours ago I realized my texts aren't sending to people who have different phone carriers. I'm also only recieving maybe 1/5 of their texts. No problem texting people who also have koodo. So fed up because this is the second problem with service this past week or two.

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Call technical support, 1-866-995-6636, option 6 from a landline or *611, option 6 from a koodo cellphone.
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Hi Marie, we have been made aware of text messages issues and it seems that there is indeed an outage. We are currently working on it in order to fix this as fast as possible. Service should be back on shortly. If it still doesn't work, contact our Technical Support. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
this is still happening to me. It just started last week. when i send texts, it says sent but the person does not get it. and its only sometimes. i will send 3 texts and they would only get 1. and it is the same when they send back. i only receive a few. all of this is with the same person although it does happen to everyone on my contact list. I have a samsung galaxy ace 1 (if it helps) and the one person i text most is with bell and has a samsung discover 1. i would really like to know how to fix this. please help
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First off the galaxy 1 is a bit buggy and sometimes has strange issues, make sure you have at least 20mb of free space as it starts getting strange if you dont. If you Do have plenty of free space my suggestion is to call tech support in the morning (it's free)