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Re-think your Koodo booths.

Every time, no exaggeration, I visit a Koodo booth for advice on plans they tell me to go online or call customer service. So why do you keep them employed? Well they issue phones and you need a visual presence to compete and advertise. I get that part. So why not make a booth with more online options. I waste time and money tracking down your kiosks to simply be told go online, we can't do this or that here; at least add a computer or tablet or a tablet phone you are currently selling to allow me to go online then. All of your booths potentially could be replaced, or at least do a trial run, with a phone vending machine that is also combined with a credit card terminal like at Walmart. I apply via the terminal, swipe an existing card or driver's license, agree to the terms, set up my number and then out pops my new phone. The kiosk could also have an app where it looks at my current plan, my usage, and provide a suggestion for an alternative plan that fits my needs. I can't tell you how many times I've found out I'm paying for a plan that no longer exists or that there is a better plan available that is now cheaper.

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This isn't a bad idea actually, they could have a terminal setup for buying phones outright and for doing account maintenance...
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Why wouldn't people just use their phones to see/change their plans etc? You could go to the store and reps could help with whatever, but you have everything on your phone.
Exactly Jonathan. To point out to everyone, I was not trying to degrade Koodo employees, but I have found that visiting the Kiosks often results in me getting the phone number for customer service being told to go online because it seems they have little to no authorization when it comes to specific requests. Yes, I could look at the current plans via my phone, but I was trying to convey that the Koodo could consider looking at alternative customer service options such as a self-serve kiosk which simultaneously serves customers, provides phones and maintains brand presence in places like malls for example. If you look at other countries around the world people can obtain a cell phone through a vending machine. Maybe people might like a faster self-serve kiosk option when going in person.