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The Projecta is a Koodo phone that has a built in projector that will display on any wall or flat surface.  This could turn a coffee shop into a mini boardroom to present the latest business proposal, could turn a school classroom into a mini movie theater watching the latest movie on Netflix, and could turn an airport into a living room opening up presents with their family at Christmas when their flight was delayed.  

The Projecta would have a large lens centered on the back of the camera. It would have a special case that would go around the lens that protects the projector from dust or scratches.  The Projecta would also come with a small base that the phone sits and charges in.  It would rotate and give different angles to be able to adjust to any wall or surface it aims to project on.  The base would also have speakers in it to help project the sound.  

Phones these days are multi tools that combine computer and camera into one.  However, the quality of the camera and display of the screen are sacrificed when trying to fit into a small compact device that fits into your pocket.  You don't need to sacrifice viewing or increase phone size until your carrying a small tablet, simply just project what you want to view onto a larger surface for all to share and see.

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Interesting idea for a device, but koodo doesn't actually [i]make phones.