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Problems using Blackberry Z10 link software to sync pictures

I have problem with blackberry 10 link. My desktop uses Win 8, and I have AVG with a firewall. When I connect Z10 by USB, I can see my device in the Network part of win explorer, but can not expand it, nor I can sync anything from it. Backup works though. When I try to "mound" Z10 drive. it fails with x40 error. When I try to use link by WiFi, I constantly get connection errors, but my Z10 is definitely connected. In BB link I can see my device, just can not sync. I turned off AV, run link as admin, made changes to usb hub settings so power savings can not turn them off, and not sure what else to do. Link is the newest, Z10 OS is the newest, ... Maybe the fact that my local computer IP is static can have something to do with it. My local IP is 192.168.... end Z10 over WiFi has 192.168.... address, while over usb will have 164.... My router assigns addresses in range of 192.168.... Would appreciate any help as this is like working with a virus 😞 It does everything but what it should!

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Bump to keep this on page one - not many Z10 users here yet.
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What gives you the X40 error? Windows? BB Link? AVG? Firewall? I've noticed that my Z10 doesn't want to mount with just any micro-USB cable either.
The error comes in the small pop up from BlackBerry Link. There was an error 0x80073075 network path not found ad well. I think the issue is in the auto settings BlackBerry assumes. At work I managed without any problems to install and use link. The only difference is that at work this is done on Internet station, which is not part of the network. All settings are auto. At home I use static IPs, for routing purpose. It seems that many people have the same problem, as I have seen lot of similar complaints on BlackBerry Link website.
hello i have the same problem with my z10 on blink i read my pin but the window pc write that my bb is not connect no beckup no photos sync nothing!! please help me
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Do you have mass storage enabled in settings? Do you have Connect through USB selected in Storage and Access? Are you trying to Access through Wifi? Is this enabled on your device as well?
Wifi works the same, it doesn't. Mattjs your comments made me think, but I think they apply to older version of blackberry phone, unless I am missing something.
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I have a z10, I access link over wifi. Try and enable file sharing via wifi and connect to link, you should be able to do this..
Mattjs, thank you! You are correct! I have enabled WiFi adapter, connected desktop to my WiFi network, and I could access Z10 in Win Explorer, where I copied files from it to my desktop. Sync functionality inside link still didn't appear to be working but I was able to access files, what is the most important. I hope BlackBerry makes changes to their link software soon though.
Just reminder to anybody who tries this, after getting pictures, disconnect desktop from your WiFi, and disable WiFi adapter, if it does disable your ethernet adapter, otherwise you will stay on slower WiFi network.
The issue I see with this is that Windows sees Z10 as a Media Server, so no documents in those folders.
Another update -- make sure you get latest firmware update for your router. I use D-link DIR-655, and after updating router firmware, there are no problems connecting to Z10 !!!