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Prizes for Keeping Up With Koodo

An idea that I have come up with for koodo since they have never once let me down yet is, if a customer has been able to keep up with all their payments for the past 12 months each year, koodo should give prizes such as.gift cards or pay 20 percent on a customers new phone choice. Another idea is to allow customers to choose something from the add-on list and koodo would pay for it. Just to show their appreciation.

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Don't get me wrong Chanel not dismissing your idea whatsoever but tell me, why do people always think Koodo should be grateful that people pay their cell phone bill on time... yet nobody expects the same when they pay their landline, Internet, gas, water or electricity bill? 🙂
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Rogers has a point system in place and really, it's utterly useless. You wait to accumulate points for things that are pointless. I would much prefer Koodo just maintains low/fair prices 🙂