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Poor service

  • 16 November 2013
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How do you get service from Koodo? Just getting "no service" on both phones and nothing has been resolved. Talked to Koodo and nothing was fixed. Used to have reception and now that has gone.

8 replies

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First thing to check is network selection on both phones If network selection is set to automatic, change it to manual and scan for koodo. If it's already set to manual, set it to automatic. Next make sure that in both devices "use gsm only" or "use 2g only" isn't selected Have you checked the coverage map? Where are you located?
Phones are on 3G and we did nothing to either phone when the service disappeared. They both stopped getting a signal at our home the same afternoon. Phones are iPhone 4 and Blackberry Curve. If we drive about 4 km's we can get a signal. Great service eh.....??? Not happy with Koodo
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Where are you located?
Pike Bay on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario.
Pike Bay on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. was this service issue resolved, Doug? I spend a lot of time in pike bay and am looking into signing up with koodo.
Pike Bay on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. No - service here is a joke.
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Did you change the network selection mode as I suggested in the first response? According to the coverage map, you should have service there, of course there may be pockets of no service but from what I see, you should be all right. Call koodo again and explain everything you've explained here. There may be an issue with a tower that they aren't aware of. Elevation and geographic features could also be hindering your signal. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.