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Please help me understand these plans!

I have a BB curve and my current plan is $15 Canada-wide Plan $15.00 with:BlackBerry Connect (100 MB)$15.00 If i switch to the Double 35 plan being offered right now at 35.00 per month do I still need the BB Connect? Not too sure what that does that the Double Data 35 gives me whatever the BB Connect does...Still trying to figure out all the lingo, but it seems like for 5 dollars more I will have 4 times the minutes, unlimited texting and messaging and alot more data...am I reading this right?

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Hi Heather, No your eye do not deceive you, these current plans offer a MUCH better value than the original Canada-Wide plans (especially with the expensive BB data add-on)! All the current Canada-Wide plans include unlimited text messaging (SMS) while in Canada. 🙂 To answer your question you will not need the BB Connect add-on to use data with these new plans, just make sure you select the Blackberry plan in Self-Serve when/if switching, it will be denoted with a (BB). 🙂
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Essentially the only drawback of the new plan is that it is billed by the minute and not by the second. With 4 times the minutes though, you're still gaining far more minutes than you're losing.