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I have a blackberry Z9800 and just changed over to Koodo from Bell but for some reason now when I receive a picture/video message is says to Download now and when I press on the download now nothing happens and I can't receive the picture. Is there a setting that I need to change?

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When you took your plan you need to specify that you have an older BB because your data had to be provisioned. If your on prepaid, data provisioning isn't available
I have a similar question, but with the LG-A341. I've received a picture/video message but can't view it. The Inbox message says to press "Get" to download. When I press "Get", it says it's downloading, but when I then press "View" I either get a "Message transaction is already in progress" message, or just get bounced back to the Inbox message. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hello Rod

Do you have data enabled on your plan? You need to have cellular data in order to receive and send MMS

Hope it helps!
Thanks Robert. The "Included Services" on my plan lists "Koodo Data & SMS rates", but hovering over this item simply brings up a text box stating "Data and texting rates for your plan." I suppose I'll have to contact Koodo to get clarification. Thanks again.
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What plan do you have? Are you able to browse the internet when you're not on a wireless connection?

If the answer is yes : You have mobile data
If the answer is no : you do not have mobile data

This might help you solve the mystery without the need to wait for an answer from Koodo's part. But just to make sure, what is the name of your plan?
Hi Robert. Here's the profile information I could get from the Koodo site: Rate Plan: Canada-Wide 25 (CD/VM) Included Services US Roam Toll @ $0.00Cdn Extra LD Rate (Cdn) 911 Government Fee Unltd Local Family Calling US Roam Air@1.50 7pm Evenings & Weekends Unlimited Canadian LD Text Messaging Services Koodo Data & SMS Rates 50 Text Messages PPU Call Forward Toll Koodo II Call Waiting Conference Calling Provisioning Service Voicemail Call Display Outbound Call Display Optional Add-ons Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance Unlimited Anytime Minutes
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Unfortunately Rod, it looks like you do not have any data included in your plan. Here's mine

    Call Waiting Conference Calling Call Forward PPU Access Provisioning Service Voicemail Call Display Outbound Call Display Call Forward Pay Per Use Additional data $10/GB US Roam Toll @ $0.00Cdn [b]Data 1GB Unltd Local Family Calling Koodo Data & SMS Rates Text Messaging Services Unlimited Canadian LD PPU Call Forward Toll Unlimited SMS and MMS US Roam Air@1.50 911 Government Fee Extra LD Rate (Cdn) Quebec Municipal Tax International Voice Roaming US SMS Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance
Can you send regular text messages but not picture messages? 

SIM CARD BASED phones require a data connection in order to send those messages. So if you have data turned off, or blocked, these messages won't go through. "But wait" you say "My plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging. I want to use it but I don't want data because I feel it's too expensive (or whatever)". The Mobile Masters have your solution below. 

Read more here for the solution : https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/sending-receiving-mms-but-no-data-on-plan
Thanks Robert -- very helpful. I've had this phone and plan for a while, and will probably upgrade shortly, so likely no benefit to changing the plan now. You've helped me know what to look for. Thanks again.
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No problem Rod. Have a lovely day!