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Picture messages arent working all of a sudden?

I used to be able to get pictures on my phone, but it hasnt been working lately. I have a blackberry CURVE 9300 with a data plan and unlimited texts and picture messaging. Any ideas why this isnt working now?

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What model of blackberry and what data plan do you have?
Phone: CURVE 9300 Plan: Talk and Text Combo Add-ons: Call Display & Blackberry Social It worked fine before, but now it doesn't work anymore. I can send pictures but cant receive them.
The blackberry social will only allow the social sites. I would suggest trying to check and make sure the data services is on under the netowrks and connections and in the browser clear your cache, history and cookies. Keep your phone on and remove the battery and sim for 30 seconds then replace and try again. You can check your firewall to make sure there are no restrictions as well.
Network is on and did everything you said. Still not working. This worked before and I know my plan includes picture messaging. I guess Ill just get a hold of koodo. Thanks.
If you call Koodo try calling from a landline so they can troubleshoot your phone. 1.866.995.6636 option #5 for Tech
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Hey Jessica! As Ivy suggested, you can call a tech from a landline. Please dial 1-866-995-6636. Choose option #6 for tech support. Thanks.