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Phones with Physical Keyboards

Are there any phones left with koodo that have a physical keyboard for typing besides that one lonely blackberry 9320 on the pre-owned area? A full keyboard, not the alcatel one with the abc def ghi stuff.

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Nope, right now Blackberry is the only company that is really making a full QWERTY device. There are some small ones here and there, but if your set on a keyboard blackberry is probably your best bet.
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You can add attachments to many popular phones. Very slick. Here is one for iphones. http://typokeyboards.com/
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You can find some Droids but only on the used market. My sister-in-law requires a physical keyboard, due to fashionably longer fingernails that get in the way with touchscreen so I can't argue if that's an issue. I used to have a slider with keyboard because I am a typing geek. Got fed up with small size and Samsung Note II with Hacker keyboard (software) installed is just fine. In landscape mode, the keyboard is wider than any hard-keyed phone on the market --- over 4 inches (10 cm) in width & lots of space to use bigger text sizes. Plus you get an up-to-date phone at a fraction of the price of the latest Note 4. Texting from home I can use my Mac bluetooth computer keyboard paired to the phone or the entire computer screen with MightyText software. These last 2 solutions work with just about any bluetooth-enabled phone.