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Phone upgrade

My wife has a problem with typing on a touch screen smart phone due to long nails. Thinking of upgrading her to a blackberry q5. Any one at all out there can help if this might be a good switch based on personal experience?

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I use a Q10 occasionally, the physical keyboard is great. Haven't played with a Q5 yet but I'd imagine the typing experience isn't too different. I actually generally prefer the island style keyboards to that of the Q10, but that's more of a personal thing then anything else. I don't think you can go wrong with a Q5 tbh, the price is certainly appealing...
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The Q5 is an affordable Blackberry 10 experience with a great keyboard (actually feels a bit more "buttony" than the Q10's). I definitely recommend it. She might pull her hair a little over the new gestures on the touch screen and the Hub, but once you figure it out, it has a fantastic fluid experience and organization is well done. It makes a few sacrifices in hardware to get it to the cheaper price point over the Q10, but the entire OS and overall software experience is identical. Ask someone for a demo of the device to see if you'll like it.