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Phone unlock code doesn't work

  • 6 June 2015
  • 7 replies

Hi All, i recently purchased a unlocked code from telus. Phone model; Samsung Galaxy S3. Running on andriod 4.4.2 I purchased a non telus sim. Entered code, was unseccesful. Should rest to factory settings then try the code again?

7 replies

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I would call Telus back. If you use all the attempts, your phone can't be unlocked permanently.
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Your first mistake was that you bought it from TELUS. It isn't too late, tell them the code isn't working and to refund you, rather than asking them to give you the correct code. Then use eBay.ca or some other safe unlocking website to get it unlocked for less money.
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I would contact Telus since you bought the unlock code from them. Explain the issue and hopefully they can provide support over the phone to help unlock it. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck!
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Don't worry. Unlocking is either free or near free for most devices. http://www.freeunlocks.com I've used it a few times and I've unlocked devices for free or $2 before!
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Yeah I would def do what these guys suggested. Go to telus and let them know it didnt work ( you may be required to provide proof ) and I would just go to ebay and get a code there much cheaper but be careful if you try to many wrong codes I have heard it will lock your phone permantly
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I also suggest celltechunlocks.com, their price isn't the cheapest but they are highly reliable as well.