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Phone tournament to bring in new phones every quarter

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There are hundreds and thousands of phones out there and not all of them make it to the carrier. Only a handful. Sometimes, those handfuls are not the ones people may really want. So why not have a way to get the customers more involved in the phone selection process?

Start a phone tournament. Every week or every two weeks, get two phones against each other. Let the people vote for the phone that they like. The phone with the most votes move on to the next round. Do this for one whole quarter. The phone that wins the tournament will come to the carrier and people who voted for that phone during the final round will get some sort of incentive. Maybe a few dollars off for the tab.

I think this would be a great way to get in new phones that people really want and also to give them a good reason to come back to the koodo website. 

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This sounds like a fun idea. Like a March Madness battle with brackets
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Interesting idea!