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Phone repair! Can I do it?

I bought my phone off of eBay (brand new) but it was unlocked. I put it onto my Koodo plan but recently my phone had a technical failure and won't start, can I still send it in for repair even without warranty? I went to our Koodo building in town but they told me they don't deal with Koodo even though that's what they sell (Petron Communications) Fort St John

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What phone do u have? If its brand new phone try ro contact the manufacturer. It has a 1 yr warranty tho
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They wont deal with warranty issues in those stores. They are privately owned dealers that sell Koodo, and all warranty would be dealt with directly with Koodo. With that said, there are no Koodo shops up there in Fort St John. So you cant try calling Koodo directly, but I don't know if they will be able to do much if its not a Koodo phone. You can also try talking to the phone manufacturer. All new phones will usually come with a 1 year warranty though the manufacturer, so they may be able to help out and get things fixed for you. Either way youll probably have to ship it off to get fixed. The other option is to just look around for a local phone repair shop. And they may be able to repair it for you with whatever out of pocket expense.
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If you didn't buy the phone from Koodo and they don't carry the phone then they won't offer any repair services for said device.