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Looking for a basic phone I do more talking than texting that's it don't use anything else.I do have a landline phone package that can be change.I would like to just have a cellphone that possibly the # I could use would be my home #.The plan I would like if it had some deal for long distance calls.I do have a mobile phone now but its not a smart phone or does not have a SIM Card.

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Suggestion for a talk an text phone https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/talk-and-text-phones/c99999903-cNonDataPhones-p0.html Retail Price$100. Or having this smarthphone https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell- phones/android/samsung-galaxy-ace-ii-x/prodKHSSACEIIBK.html retail price $150 a good deal And all the plans are Canada Wide, than means that long distance is already included on your monthly plan! I hope this help you!
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You can more then likely keep your home phone # by port it over to Koodo, those generally take a bit longer than cell phone ports, though (a few business days). All plans are Canada-wide, like Ana mentioned, and her phone suggestions are good too... my other suggestion for a beginner's smartphone is the Lumia 520. It runs better and smoother than the Ace II X and it's a user friendly Windows Phone OS. Android is very fun and customizable and has some advanced software, but it may be more complicated for someone who hasn't dealt with them before. Since you're thinking of eliminating your house phone line, my recommendation for a plan is the $50 Talk + Text, that way you'll have unlimited calling across Canada 24/7, You can receive all calls from anywhere in the world, too. The only thing you'd be charged extra for is if you called outside of Canada (there's the $2 LD saver add-on for reduced rates, if you need it) or you roamed.
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Jonathan I wrote:

You can more then likely keep your home phone # by port it over to Koodo, those generally take a ...

Does the Ace 2x have Easy Mode home screen option available on it Johnathan? If but does then it's just as easy to use or even easier than windows & it leaves room to turn it off & use regular home screens once you get use to using the device. It's a great feature for ppl getting their first smartphone.