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Password issue

  • 12 May 2015
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So I have a strange problem that I can't figure out. I was trying to set up my phone to my computer (finally) to finally update it to my OS to 10.3 or whatever is the current one, but in order to do that, I had to use the password. I've been using the picture password in my phone for months now so I had to change that setting to a regular password, which I don't remember... on top of that, I can't retrieve my password because the email address that I set my old blackberry up on was a university email address which is no longer active... So long story short, I have 1 more attempt at my password before it deletes all my data, and I don't know my password. Do I call blackberry? Do I call koodo? Can I go in to the koodo booth at the mall? I don't know what to do...

4 replies

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I hate to tell you this but this is one of the reasons people love BB. Security. No. One can help you on this one. Hopefully you've backed up your device recently. Your only option is to enter that password wrong and let the deletion process begin. Sorry 😞
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An unfortunate reality of picture password. It is a layer ontop of a device password, which is then so rarely used. If you don't remember that device password, then there is no other option than to wipe. For your second problem with BlackBerry ID login, calling BlackBerry might help reset that so at least you won't lose your purchases and BBM contacts
Yeah I ended up resetting the whole thing. It's taking forever and blackberry (who I talked to on the phone) said that they couldn't reset the email address either so I'm stuck re-doing that as well. Although that's probably a good thing. Also, I think I haven't backed it up ever...so yay?
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Yeah I ended up resetting the whole thing. It's taking forever and blackberry (who I talked to on...You should at least once a week. BB backup is comprehensive (and takes a few hours). But it can get you right back where you were with minimal headache (reentering passwords)