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Old phone switching to the new one.

Hello! I have recently purchased a new phone from bell, my previous phone was connected with koodo. I got the same phone number transfered onto my new phone and it works perfectly. The question I have to ask is, my old phone from koodo still works with the same phone number I can make calls from it, but I can't recieve any. Can you disconnect my old phone with koodo, because my new one is now connected with bell. Thanx

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Hi Dilpreet, The best thing to do if you have an old sim card with Koodo and the old phone is to keep the old phone off as it will continue to do what it is doing when you turn it back on. The next best thing to do is cut up the old card and dispose of it so that no one else can get ahold of your information off of the card as well. Hope that helps answer your question 🙂
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Porting can take a few hours. Check tomorrow morning, that Koodo line won't be able to connect to the network (It will says Invalid Sim, SOS)