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Oh no! Dead Blackberry account!

My mobile plan on my Blackberry has run out. It's been over 90 days, do I have to pay for a new SIM card? And if I do, can I use the prepaid voucher I just bought before realising there was a 90 day expiry on my account?

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You shouldn't need a new sim card as they should just activate the old one. As for the voucher I am not sure.
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After 90 days you will need to reactivate with a new sim card. They are disabled after 90 days of inactivity.
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Hi JessieBop, Did you use the voucher (add it it your account) or do you still have the code without using it? I would imagine the latter, otherwise your base plan would have been reactivated right away... so once you get yourself a new SIM card, you will again have the $20 credit applied, plus the voucher you still have. Hope that softens the pain a bit 🙂