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Offer Music streaming that doesn't count in the data plan

My idea would be for Koodo differs from other service providers.

They might offer in their plan, much like some internet providers in the United States with NetFlix, to not count the bandwidth for music streaming services. For example, Rdio, Songza, Google Music, Xbox music, Itunes Radio and soon to be released, Spotify.

The only constraint I would recommend would be to take a service that is available on all platforms minimally or otherwise provide a range of choices covering the three present ecosystems.

Doing that, Koodo could get an exclusive feature on other service provider. Because for now, they offer the same service and plan that other competitor ( Fido, Virgin ...) .

Ho and the El Contrador, is out. Here in Québec, no service provider have  now the right to make a contract anyway (except for the phone).

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